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I've been using Vista for almost a week now and, to be completely honest, I don't dislike it in the slightest. The graphics are very prettyful, it's easy to navigate (just like XP) and it's very prettyful :P So far I've not encountered any problems, but I'm not really planning on pluging in printers etc. Since it was released I've heard mainly bad things voiced about Vista, I know it's early days, but I think it's ok. At some point something horrendously bad will jump up, but until then I'll continue to enjoy it.

ION, Lexx and I went through ALL ( a few dozen) of the boxes in the garage, to find my other camera and the camcorder. I've been putting it off for a few weeks now, but I really don't like the idea of electronics being in an unheated garage for any longer than they have to be. After a couple of hours or so we realised THEY'RE NOT IN THERE!!!!! I remember packing them in a 'living room' box before moving, so the only possible place they could be is in the loft. Lexx is adamant that there are no 'living room' boxes in the lost, but there's nowhere else it can be. Next week I'll be going through the X number of boxes and hoping to find my cameras. I KNOW THEY'RE HERE SOMEWHERE!!!!! It's so frustrating not being able to find them, especially as I made a good job of packing and know exactly where 99% of our stuff is *sigh*
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I've sorted out some more things to sell on eBay and, hopefully, not have to pack for the move......Enjoy :)

Clicky on da piccy

Due to the fact that eBay are taking a minimum of 7 hours to put my items into searches and 'Seller's other Items' page all my listings have to be viewed through Auctiva for a while. GGGRRRR!!!!
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Under 24 hours left on most of my listings........
Click on the pic

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I've added some more items to my eBay listing. Go on, have a look and a bid.......Don't make me take it with me when I move ;)

Ebay are being complete fuckwits [again!!!] and my new listings aren't showing up. However, I'm more clever than I look and this link will show you what eBay can't
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Due to an impending house move *panic* I've begun listing some goodies on ebay including:

GBA and accessories
Technics seperates
Corner unit
DVD player

Ebay is being a real pain in the bum at the moment and my items aren't showing up on searches or via the 'view seller's other items' button, so I won't be adding to the listing until it's sorted out :/
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A belated birthday to [profile] angelofsith for yeaterday and Hoppy Buffday to [personal profile] moosifer  \o/
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Please help me out here peeps. I bought this gorgeous aluminium case for a DS LITE but then realised that I had a standard DS so it doesn't fit :( As I've opened the packaging I can't get a refund so I'm offering it for sale for the price I paid for it £9.00 inc postage (uk) It is  EXACTLY the same as the one pictured, I couldn't take a pic of the actual one because my camera batteries are flat and currently charging (pics can be provided later today if required) . I accept cheque/PO, Paypal, Nochex or cash (at your own risk).

* A perfect fit for the Nintendo DS Lite
* Dedicated storage for 3 NDS Lite games
* Anti shock design to reduce damage if accidentally dropped
* Strong & secure latch
* Shoulder strap provided


* For use only with Nintendo DS Lite console (not suitable for the standard Nintendo DS)
* Size 14.5 cm x 4cm x 9cm

Large pics
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I've got CDs, a lovely Myth & Legends wizard, a PCICMA wireless card and a few videos up for auction. Please have a look, you never know there may be something which catches your eye :)

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A day to go on [most of] my auctions. Up for grabs are:
Babylon 5 Boxsets
Myth & Legends Wizard BNIB
Fairie-ality HB book
Large Dragon Batik
Scary Mary Bag...........

And more!!!! Please have a look
Thanks :)
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We popped out into Romford this afternoon and returned to find our street looking like this

The road slopes down to a dip in the middle. The guy across the road walked out to knee deep and went back to shore.
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I've got a little problem which is driving me MAD!!!! When I set my folders to show the files as thumbnails they only come up as thumbnails of the icons of the programs which open them, eg instead of a photo it shows a thumbnail of Paint Shop Pro 10.  I've been through Folder Options time and time again, just in case there was something there I had missed. Any help would be gratefully apreciated as my sanity is seriously being tested.
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A day left on some and a few relists ending in a week, including clothes, PCMCIA cards and fantasy and sci fi encyclodedias. Please bid/buy and relieve me of these bits and pieces.
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A day left on auctions for clothes, Babylon 5 box set, PCMCIA cards and a couple of fantasy and sci-fi encyclopedias.  Still at ridiculously low prices.
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I read this on [profile] livejournal_uk and had to share it. You may have seen it before but it's funny :)

For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the
way computers have enhanced our lives, read on. At a recent computer
expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry
with the auto industry and stated " if GM had kept up with technology
like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25.00 cars
that got 1,000 miles to the gallon."

In response to Bill's comments, General Motors issued a press release stating:
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Sunshine+trees in my garden+new camera= luffly

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Still very low prices and bids. Grab yourself a bargain, it all has to go.
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A few items of clothing including Siouxsie Darkside top, 2 waist cinchers and a velvet summery dress. More to come in the next day or so.
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If only it was an offence warranting a custodial sentence for being a total shagwit. Pete Doherty would definately not dodge jail. What Petey did next  Surely evey police officer in the country is keeping an eye open for him now as it's a safe bet they'll get a result when they get him to empty his pockets (or wherever he keeps his stash). The guy is obviously in self destruct mode and as well as being a sad little tosser and a waste of space, he's lapping up all the media coverage.

Wonder if William Hill are taking bets as to when it will be that an entire week goes by without PD being arrested for one drug related offence or another. Also, has anyone ever heard a Babyshambles song?

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